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We are a small Bible-believing Christian congregation meeting each Saturday for fellowship, bible study and worship.
You are more than welcome to join us... just come as you are.

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50th Anniversary - Back to Moree event

July 22/23 (Fri/Sat) is a date you need to set aside for our 50th anniversary back to Moree celebration/service.
Pr Joe Webb will be our main speaker.

More information will be coming shortly and can be found here Moree 1966-2016

Remembering Pastor C.D. Brooks

Pastor Brooks holds a special place in the hearts of the Moree church members, past & present. Along with Pastors Reginald Robinson, Trae Hayden, Ulanda Innocent and many others, he dedicated a month of his life to an evangelistic series here in Moree in 1993 which saw 43 baptised and the seed sown in many more.

He was ever humble and approachable, and when he spoke about Jesus it was with power and passion about a friend he knew intimately. Jesus made him smile. Pastor Brooks shared Paul's own conviction when told Timothy "I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day." (2 Tim 1:12) - Rest in peace Pastor Brooks... until that great getting up morning>

Adventist Review tribute article

Steps to Personal Revival (Helmut Haubel) download

It is suggested that church members team up and read a chapter together & share their thoughts with each other.
If there are any copyright concerns with this being shared please use the contact form.

PDF download - 63pp, 2.52mb

Leadership Training weekend Feb 5-7 2016 - video series

For those that were unable to make it to the leadership training weekend at Cooranbong Feb 5-7 2016, the North NSW Conference have made the full series of videos available on their YouTube channel which I've embedded here Leadership Training Videos. You can also access the page by clicking on Church & Leadership Training from the main menu.

The UR Church information will probably make its way to this page at some time sooner than later.

Sabbath School Lesson "Matthew" PDF Download (new for 2016 qtr 2!)

Features front & back covers with all lessons + hyperlinked menu all under the 1 PDF. Click on the image link & head to downloads.

13th Sabbath Offering Boxes (new for 2016 qtr 2!)

The new 13th Sabbath Offering boxes are now available for download & printing for your local church.
For those that are new to the idea... it's a tool for encouraging planned giving towards the 13th Sabbath projects rather than just relying on whatever people bring on the last Sabbath of the quarter.
There are 4 images available in 2 different sizes as well as my original Adobe Indesign file (40mb - CS5) if you want to modify the design or provide your members with a non-English translation
The image link will take you to the Sabbath School resource page on my site - head down to the download section.

Church Times

10:00am Sabbath School
10:30am Lesson (Bible Study) with a separate class for kids bible study
11:30am Main Service

Where to find Us

318-320 Balo Street (cnr Balo & Anne Streets)

If you are coming from the south along the main road through town it is the first turn to the left after KFC
From the north it's the first turn to the right after McDonalds.

Weather Forecast & Accommodation Map

For visitors to town, there is a weather forecast guide & google maps accommodation guide that can be found >>> click here

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